Children Learning Reading Review – Is It Actually Worth Your Money?


Children Learning Reading is one of the latest hypes among parents out there. Developed by Jim Yang, the program aims to teach children how to read, but also do it in a fun and entertaining way – rather than feel like a chore.

The program is suitable for kids between two and seven years old – mostly those in kindergarten or pre-school. While it may sound a bit difficult for a toddler to learn how to read, the program promises good results and an excellent experience prior to starting school.

But then, is it really going to work?


About Children Learning Reading


Children Learning Reading is based on a simple principle – if your kid can talk, they can read too. The program takes about 12 weeks and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. It is not the first program of this kind, but it seems to have more notoriety than others.

The program features a sophisticated step by step guide that will make reading an interesting experience. It will look like a game for your little one, so chances are you two will manage to go through it without too much hassle. You can buy Children Learning Reading at or go on with the review for more info.


How Children Learning Reading works


The program is based on phonemic awareness – an important fact used by teachers in school. It is split in two different stages. The first one is about the foundation. There are 28 lessons that help with the fundamentals of reading.

Lessons are introduced in a gradual manner. Your kid will learn the alphabet, as well as simple words. By the end of this stage, you might be surprised by the outcome – some kids perform better than others though.

The second stage comes with 22 lessons. It is more about sentences, stories and so on. Your kid already knows how to read letters and words by this stage, but you want them to do it fluently – rather than one letter at a time.

What really makes the difference with this program is that you do not need to spend hours on a lesson. Your kid’s attention will be ruined after a few minutes. Therefore, most lessons take between five and 10 minutes – some of them require less than have minutes.

Bottom line, the first stage comes with basic letter lessons and flashcards to challenge your toddler and keep them entertained. The second stage is just as interactive, but it features more complicated sentences.


Versions and packages


Children Learning Reading features two different versions. The standard one is basic and will include all the lessons. It obviously costs less than the other version, which is said to be premium. While a bit pricier, value for money will not disappoint you.

The premium version features four extra lessons, as well as lesson videos for tips on how to do it right, print outs for lessons and rhymes. The experience will be better focused, as you and your little one will not have to stare into a screen.

The premium Children Learning Reading package


Support and cancellation


Support is available by email, so you should allow around 24 hours for a reply. It is professional and cordial. There is no online cancellation, so you will need to reach the customer service again should you consider this option.




Bottom line, Children Learning Reading adopts a different approach and features short and interactive lessons based on things kids like. It is simple and straightforward and could actually do things better than schools. Having your little one know how to read before reaching school will give them a head start in the process.